About us


The word hominids mean a group or member of the biological family Hominidae. The Ape-man, which was classed as the Australopithecus sp, that is been said the Homo sapiens (humankind) existed from, because Sterkfountains in South Africa is one of the world heritage sites where the fossils of thee Mrs. Ples (Plesianthorus transvaalensis) were discovered. So it was proven that life existed from South Africa, so the evolution of the tourism S.A begins here.


Who is hominids tours & travels

Hominids tours and travels is the up and coming tour operating company in South Africa, (Pretoria) that aims brings the interest and joy in the tourism industry. This is the tailor made tours, safaris, golf shuttles, airport shuttle and even private transfers.

Because tourism is the long established industry then hominids brings the new         image. The evolution South African tourism!



As the company that is established after noticing that most of the operators are in this industry for some reasons! As a guide I notice that service was unsatisfying whereby some clients never had enough time at the sites we visited because of being over booked so I want to bring the outmost best of the resources, culture and history and the Biodiversity we have in South Africa.

Hominids tours and travels  recognizes that the client is the cornerstone of the Tourism Industry’s “Success” so we strive to bring the out most best service from the extraordinary Heritage and the biodiversity of South Africa to our clients and customers.


When was the company formed?

The company started in February 2007, after all the legal formalities were dealt with that means all the registrations where completed, before it was just the shuttle services that served just as the part-time interest job, because of hard work and determination Hominids tours grew to be recognized in the industry of tourism.